Version History - North America

Map Update Date Years Factory
V.12M 8534 2018Q1 -  
V.10M 8246 2014Q3 -  
V.9 8213 2014Q1 -  
V.8 8112 2013Q3 2015  
V.7 8050 2013Q1 2014 Installed in the factory by Continental on newer "L" Hardware;
V.6 7963 2012Q3 2014  
V.5.2 7994 2011Q3 - It is the Map disc VW recently shipped to all 2013 owners. It is the same data as what come from the factory, but appears to reorganize it to improve access to it when using the NAV functions.
V.5 7870 2011Q3 2012 & 2013  

Purchase Information

Maps are available for purchase from from HERE Technologies using the URL.